Death Stranding inspired jacket priced at almost $2,000, sells out faster than you can say Bridges

Kojima has a way of making you buy extremely expensive things. A lot of the Death Stranding merchandise isn’t exactly cheap, but one look and you’ll be tempted to grab more than you can chew.

Case in point, an almost $2,000 Death Stranding jacket. Sounds overpriced? Well, you may think it is, but some people with a lot of money to burn ate up all stocks of the product, selling out almost instantly.

German based techwear brand Acronym and Hideo Kojima recently brought out the big guns and with the help of design genius Yoji Shinkawa, worked on a Bridges variant of the J1A-GTKP jacket, which features a sleek black and blue color scheme with a yellow pocket that symbolizes BB. The jacket is made up of Gore-tex, the current standard for waterproof material, perfect for even Timefall.

You can take a peek at the jacket design via the gallery below. BB and Cargo not included, of course:

As mentioned, the product sold out almost instantly on the Acronym website and even on the Kojima Productions website, the product seems to be sold out as well. For nearly PHP100,000, you’ll definitely need to keep on keeping on if you want to start wearing one of these.

In case you didn’t know, Kojima and Acronym also collaborated on a product that appeared in the game, which is the body suit that Sam Porter Bridges wears during his time in the private room.

Death Stranding released in November 8, 2019 to a highly divisive review barrage across media outlets. We thought highly of the game, calling it a masterclass in game design and production value. You can read out review below:

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