Overwatch Might be going Free-to-play, Rumors Suggest

An Overwatch 2 reveal event is scheduled to happen on June 16, and as announced, some very big news may indeed be on the horizon.

Overwatch has always stood for inclusivity, open-mindedness, and the idea that the world could always use more heroes. These foundational pillars are bringing us into the future while keeping us grounded in what’s most important: our community. We are listening, we hear you, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming for Overwatch 2. 

We’ve yet to figure out what the event will actually hold, but a rumor suggests that a free-to-play announcement is going to happen.

Over the span of a couple of weeks, a Twitter account by the name of “The Snitch” has been spot on with his leaks and rumors. He’s posted about the recently concluded State of Play and even about Kojima’s upcoming horror game, Overdose. The account hasn’t missed the mark yet, and even revealed the existence of The Last of Us Part I remake before it was leaked and revealed during Summer Game Fest.


Now, the same account posted a rather cryptic message that ends with a phrase saying “We are free to play.” The other phrases might seem random, but true fans of the game will remember these phrases as part of the theatrical teaser of the game that was released back in 2015.

While this is still a rumor, of course, the leaker certainly has a credible history to back it up, and making Overwatch a F2P game makes enough sense to get new players into the game as Blizzard preps itself up for the next installment.

It would be even bigger news if Overwatch 2 actually goes free-to-play as well, or at least the PVP aspect of it, and maybe we’ll get to see an announcement during the event on the 16th.

Watch – Overwatch Theatrical Teaser

Will you try out Overwatch if it goes free-to-play?

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