5 Best FPS Games for Mac Owners

Video games might not be the go-to entertainment option among MacBook owners. We often associate Macs with work and leave video games to gaming consoles, gaming laptops, and custom-built desktop computers.

Having said that, such a sentiment does not necessarily have to be true. The idea of playing video games, especially FPS games, on a MacBook is becoming more and more common.

Apple is putting extra effort into manufacturing computers with better hardware. Video game developers are interested in targeting wider demographics, which leads to more time spent optimizing video games for macOS.

First-person shooters, also known as FPS games, are a great option if you want to enjoy gaming on a Mac. Keep in mind, though, that you will need a proper gaming mouse because FPS games are not really playable with a trackpad.

mac 5 best fps games

In some instances, you might also need to adjust the operating system. For example, downgrade it. Learning how to downgrade from Ventura or another macOS version is not that challenging, nor does it take a lot of time. Why might you need to downgrade? Well, some games might be a bit outdated, and they run better on older operating systems.

So, long story short, if your Mac needs some optimization, you can take care of that. And after that, you can look at some of the best FPS games for Mac and choose one or two to play yourself.

The list below of 5 FPS games should be enough to get you started. And if you feel like exploring even more, then you should not have any problems finding obscure and less-known shooters that run on a MacBook.

5 Best FPS Games for Mac Owners

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Let’s start with what is arguably the most famous FPS game in the world right now. Valve released CS: GO back in 2012, and the game continues to receive regular updates as well as new players despite being quite old.

One of the most attractive things about Counter-Strike is that the game is fairly simple. The available gun selection is not too complex and it is all well-established and easy to figure out after playing a few matches.

You can join competitive games, play the deathmatch mode, and try custom games that the community creates.

If you really get into the game, you might also begin to explore the competitive scene. CS: GO is one of the most popular esports titles in the world, and you can check the best tournaments for free on Twitch TV and other streaming platforms.

The Borderlands Series


Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 excel in interactive gameplay. These games are not your regular first-person shooters. No, besides the story that you go through, you will also enjoy the loot.

Hundreds of different guns drop from enemies, and you can create your own character by choosing skills in the skill tree and adding guns with special modifiers.

It would not be a stretch to suggest that the story is one of the strongest aspects of the Borderlands series, but the smooth gameplay is also worth a shoutout. If you enjoy excellent loot, dark humor, and replayability, you will want to check out Borderlands as it is one of the better FPS games out there.


Fortnite is a first-person shooter battle royale video game and one of the most popular FPS games right now. You might look at it and be put off by the graphics, but the reality is that it takes a couple of matches to get the hang of the game. 

Even though the gameplay is not that special, Fortnite continues to receive regular updates to keep the game fresh. If you prefer battle royale types of games combined with shooters, then Fortnite has to be one of the first FPS games you should play on a MacBook, although you’ll need to use a workaround like GeForce Now.


Bioshock is another excellent video game, or rather video game series. You get to explore an interesting world that is full of mysteries. Sure, a big part of the game is solving puzzles and trying to overcome the challenges, but there is still plenty of shooting to be done.

By progressing through the levels, you unlock new weapons and discover more about the world.

netflix bioshock film adaptation

If you finish the first Bioshock game and like it, there are two sequels for you to play next. The story is not really linear, but each game is connected with one another, so you want to follow a chronological order of the games released.

Team Fortress 2

TF 2 is another title from Valve. It is a bit similar to Counter-Strike in terms of how the gameplay goes, but Team Fortress 2 gives players more choices.

Besides the guns, you also have the option to choose from one of 9 characters. And if you get bored of playing one of them, you can change them mid-game. That is right. You do not need to start a new match to play a different character.

TF 2 has been around since 2007, but Valve still cares about this game enough to provide regular updates.

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