The Last of Us Part I Trophy List has Leaked Ahead of its Launch

The Last of Us Part I isn’t out until September 2, but that doesn’t save it from being the victim of leaks. Apart from some in-game scenes, the next piece of information that has leaked online is its trophy list, which looks relatively straightforward for trophy hunters.

Spoiler Alert, look away if you want to approach the game with fresh eyes

As posted by Naughty Dog Central on Twitter, the trophy list shows 29 trophies, most of which are the same as the previous release with some key differences that make it much easier to complete. Gone are the multiplayer (for obvious reasons) trophies, but also the new game plus and difficulty-related trophies, which will surely be good news.

A look through the whole list would show fairly standard story-related trophies but also some new ones added, like that of petting the dog and giving Ellie a high five.

Are you looking forward to playing the game again?

The Last of Us Part I will be available on September 2 for the PS5.

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