The Ragnarok Asia Masters 2022 Tournament is Looking for the Best Guild From Southeast Asia

Gravity Game Hub (GGH) and Gravity Game Link (GGL) will bring together the best Ragnarok Online Guilds from Southeast Asia to compete at the Ragnarok Asia Masters 2022.

The Ragnarok Asia Masters combines two RO publishers to bring the best teamwork and strategies together in a 7 vs 7 Guild tournament that represents the peak of the interactive esports experience.

The matches will take place online between October 26 and November 20, 2022. A total of 32 teams will participate, with 16 guilds from around Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines representing GGH.

Another 16 teams from Indonesia will represent GGL; these 32 Guilds will compete for glory and a USD$5,000 prize pool, along with exclusive in-game rewards.

Matches will be played on a dedicated Tournament Server with fair rules, systems, terms, and conditions that are based on the Ragnarok Online World Championship.

ragnarok asia masters 2022 banner

“We reckon that the Ragnarok Online franchise has a strong fanbase in Southeast Asia. Through the Ragnarok Asia Masters exhibition tournament, hopefully, can ignite the competitive spirit between Ragnarok players in Southeast Asia,” said Harry Choi, President of GGH.

“As a series tournament, Ragnarok Asia Masters will be held regularly. We hope to bring the scale of the competitiveness amongst Ragnarok Guild communities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines to the next level.” continued Mr. Choi.

More information about the Ragnarok Asia Masters 2022 can be found on the official website.

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