Bioware Teases Next Mass Effect in Celebration of N7 Day

Bioware and EA are celebrating 15 years of Mass Effect with an update about the next game in the series, themed content for The Sims 4, and new merchandise.

A look at new concept art was shown, but more importantly, the team shared that pre-production development is doing very well, thanks to the efforts of the team, composed of a good mix of franchise veterans and newcomers.

Project Director Mike Gamble shared a few words about the concept art

For now, there is something we want you to have a look at. We’ve intercepted some strange footage from one of the monitoring stations in known space. It could be nothing, but…

new mass effect game concept art

The team will be sharing more information about the upcoming game when they’re ready.

Over on Twitter, it seems some decoding happened along the way, with the eager community helping out.

Mass Effect-themed items for The Sims 4 have also been unveiled, coming to the highly-popular simulation game on November 17, and will be absolutely free for anyone playing the game, especially with the new update that makes The Sims 4 free to play for everyone.

mass effect the sims 4 items

New Mass Effect merchandise will also be making its way to various retailers such as the BioWare Gear Store, Sanshee, Dark Horse, and Volante Design.

Happy N7 day to everyone!

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