God of War Ragnarok Director Would Like to Work on a Castlevania Game

God of War Ragnarok’s director Eric Williams has commented that, if given a chance, he would love to work on a Castlevania game.

At around the 1:18:16 point of the Kinda Funny Games Spoilercast (timestamp video HERE, beware of spoilers), Williams briefly mentions that they would “love to make that,” referring to a Castlevania game.

“You guys can make it happen because you have the audience of the world here… I don’t know what I’m doing next, but if somebody gives me that Castlevania license, we would love to make that,” says Williams, to the obvious delight of Greg Miller and the rest of the hosts.

The license, of course, falls with Konami, who has recently been reviving some of their dormant IPs such as Suikoden and Silent Hill. That said, it would be interesting to see what the game would look like in the hands of Santa Monica Studio.

Would you like to see a new Castlevania game from other studios?

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