Let’s Unbox the Magic: The Gathering ‘The Brothers’ War’ Media Package

Magic: The Gathering has recently released its latest and last set for 2022. Entitled “The Brothers’ War,” this set contains 287 new cards and depicts the events of one of the most nostalgic and world-defining moments in the history of MTG.

Oh, and did we mention that the set also includes some special appearances from some of our favorite Transformers like Optimus Prime and Megatron?

Today, we’re opening up a media package sent over by our friends at Magic: The Gathering which includes a puzzle that will help us activate the Golgothian Sylex and end the Phyrexian invasion.

Before we do, let’s take a quick history 101 lesson with our resident MTG specialist, Niel, to give us some context on what exactly the Brothers’ War is and what this package means in the greater scheme of things than just a wooden puzzle.

On the planet of Dominaria, there existed a civilization called the Thran, creators of powerful artifacts, such as the Sylex – magical nuclear reactors. Ages after the decline of Thran, two powerful wizard brothers in Urza and Mishra, started discovering these weapons and technology, and engulfed the whole planet in a war over the control of the Sylex and its ilk.

Mishra grew power-hungry from the tempting corruption of the Phyrexians (otherworldly enemies of the Thran) due to the influence of their Praetor Gix, and Urza was left with no choice but to unleash the power of the Sylex to trigger the Sylex Blast, otherwise known as the Cataclysm, to end the Brothers’ War, at the cost of sending the plane into an Ice Age and setting back all of civilization.

Fast forward to the future, and Teferi, now of the most talented planeswalkers in Dominaria, is seeking a way to stop the recently-returned and fast-growing threat of the Phyrexians. He desperately travels back in time to learn about a way to activate the Sylex safely and stand victorious against the threat taking over Dominaria.

magic the gathering the brothers' war key art

Just like Teferi, we are tasked to decipher our very own Sylex and see if we have what it takes to stop the Brothers’ War.

With a flashlight in hand and only our wits to get us through, we try to recreate the Sylex and see what message it has in store for us.

A message can be seen, talking us through how to uncover the secrets hidden beneath the Sylex.

After racking our brains, we uncover the message “End The War” and/or “Finish That Fight,” a message that tells us of our duty to stop the Brothers’ War and save Dominaria from the Phyrexians.

We can’t wait to find out the thrilling conclusion of this set and see what the future holds!

Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War is now available across MTG-authorized retailers in the Philippines.

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