Ubisoft Launches Three In-Game Green Activations for Brawlhalla, Hungry Shark World, and Trackmania

Ubisoft has announced that Brawlhalla, Hungry Shark World, and Trackmania will release activations designed during this year’s Green Game Jam throughout November.

This effort is aimed to raise awareness about environmental topics and mobilize millions of players for the planet in anticipation of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The company is committed to acting on its responsibility as one of the world’s leading video game companies to not only reduce its own carbon footprint but also to educate and inspire its global communities to act.

Here are some of the things players can expect:

  • Beginning November 2, Brawlhalla players will be able to purchase a new in-game Emote that animates the growth of a Yggdrasil tree, with all proceeds from the Emote supporting reforestation in the real world through The World Tree Initiative activation.
  • Hungry Shark World’s Protect the Baby Sharks Event will begin on November 8, inviting players to rescue baby sharks and preserve the future of the ocean’s ecosystems.
  • Finally, Trackmania will host its Green Weekend starting November 11. Over the summer, players created and submitted tracks with environmental themes. The three winning tracks will be featured as Track of the Day and playable for free.
ubisoft green game jam banner

Hungry Shark World will team up with Glowing Glowing Gone to amplify its campaign in support of greater ocean protection and the preservation and restoration of coral reefs. Brawlhalla and Trackmania will give money to their partner Ecologi to contribute to reforestation efforts by planting more than 20,000 trees, which combined with those planted through other activations this year, puts Ubisoft on track to exceed a total of one million trees planted over 12 months.

“What makes video games a unique form of entertainment is their ability to immerse the player and make them an active participant in the world around them. This makes games the ideal playground to concretely show players what is at stake when we talk about climate change,” said Nicolas Hunsinger, Director of Corporate Environmental Sustainability at Ubisoft. “We’re proud of the ways in which the Brawlhalla, Hungry Shark World and Trackmania teams have leveraged their creativity to engage players in conversations about environmental issues and inspire them to act.”

For more information, check out the Ubisoft website and the Green Game Jam 2022 website.

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