Returnal is Officially Coming to PC in Early 2023

Housemarque, with assistance from Climax Studios, has announced that Returnal is finally headed to PC in Early 2023 after it was exclusively released for the PS5 back in 2021.

The PC version will feature an array of tweaks and upgrades, which will be announced in full later, and will include the free Ascension update along with the Tower of Sisyphus challenge and online co-op mode.

For the uninitiated, Returnal will see the player join Selene on a dark and mysterious planet called Atropos, where she is stuck in a cycle and predicament of cosmic horror scale. Take on ruthless enemies and flurries of bullet-hell waves of projectiles, contrasted against frightening ancient backdrops. The action gameplay at the core of the game reflects the struggle that Selene needs to overcome on her journey to learn more about the situation she is trapped in.

Returnal is headed to PC in Early 2023.

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