Black Desert SEA Rings in the New Year With its 5th Anniversary Celebration

Pearl Abyss has announced that the Black Desert SEA 5th Anniversary festivities have begun, and various events will be held on a weekly basis prior to the anniversary on January 17, 2023.
black desert sea arena of solare season 2

Starting today, Adventurers can collect Seals of Wanderlust through activities such as hunting, gathering, and fishing. According to the number of Seals collected, Adventurers can acquire items such as an Old Moon Trade Pass, Golden Blessings of Agris, and an Emblem for a Tier 8 Golden Horse, through an exchange with NPC Igor Bartali located in Velia. 

Special cakes that offer different types of buffs have been prepared for the celebration which can be obtained by accepting Challenges. The buff rate of each cake symbolizes the anniversary year by offering a 500% increase in Combat, a 50% increase in Skill EXP, and a 50% increase in Item Drop Rate. In addition, the Purring Papu can also be obtained through the same route which includes an extremely powerful combat buff.  

black desert sea 5th anniversary

Black Desert SEA will also have an EXP Hot Time event will extend the benefit of buff rates even more. Starting today and until January 18, Adventurers can receive a 500% increase in Combat and Skill EXP, and 50% increase in Item Drop Rate. 

To commemorate setting off on a new adventure in a new year, a special log-in event is awaiting Adventurers. Various rewards have been prepared for each day throughout the two-week period leading up to January 31, including a Maid for Hire Box and Artisan’s Memories. Adventurers can also obtain various rewards through another special log-in event including an Around the World in 20 Days Box.

For more information about Black Desert SEA, you can check out their official website.

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