Sony’s ‘Live From PS5’ Campaign Launched, Now Easier to Find a PS5 Globally

Sony has announced that it is launching the “Live From PS5” campaign, inspired by some of the best games available on the console.

In key regions across the globe, PlayStation is bringing to life some of its biggest games, with activations that are worthy of its stature. In London, a giant Leviathan Axe was spotted, signifying God of War Ragnarok.

In Asia, Sony has also kickstarted the campaign in South Korea with a giant Leviathan Axe at the Ice Rink in Seoul Lotte World, which bears similarity to the frozen lightning that Kratos and Thor had created during their battles.

Additionally, Sony is celebrating the new year by saying that the PS5 will have more supply and will be easier to find globally across retailers, allowing more players to hop in and join the transition to the current generation of consoles.

An ad spot was published, giving players a sneak peek at upcoming titles to expect from the PS5, including the likes of Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI.

This year, there will be much to look forward to for the PS5. Apart from highly-anticipated titles like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Sony is also offering a wide range of gaming experiences with the PS VR2, which will feature more than 30 games in its launch window such as Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village.

playstation vr2 launch window lineup

What are you looking forward to in 2023 from the PS5?

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