Let’s Unbox the Magic: The Gathering ‘Phyrexia: All Will be One’ Media Kit

The latest Magic: The Gathering set is finally here. Entitled “Phyrexia: All Will be One,” this set contains 271 new cards and is the third installment in the four-part Phyrexian storyline, which will see players experience the beauty and horror of the memorable villains as they pursue their plans to take over the multiverse.

To celebrate the release of the latest set, our friends from Wizards of the Coast have sent us a mysterious package containing a puzzle that will reveal a message from Elesh Norn, the self-proclaimed Mother of Machines and the leader of New Phyrexia.

Once again, let’s take a short history lesson about how this latest set fits in the greater scheme of things, all while figuring out what’s inside the package and figuring out what the message means.

The many planes of Magic: The Gathering are in a fever pitch of turmoil. In Dominaria, the time-hopping Gatewatch Teferi has disappeared, seemingly lost in time, after an attempt to secure a weapon that can combat the impending doom of the Phyrexians. His ally Karn has been captured, neutralized, and literally disassembled in Mirrodin, where the self-styled Mother of Machines – Elesh Norn – had been mustering her hivemind army of living oil and steel Phyrexians for an existence-ending invasion that threatens ALL the planes in the multiverse.

The Mirran Resistance and the remaining members of the Gatewatch have decided that the time to strike is in the heart of Norn herself before she successfully sends her troops across her own version of the plane-spanning Realmbreaker World Tree. It’s a tall order for our heroes, really, and this is giving me, who’s seen Empire Strikes Back way too many times, a really bad feeling about this.

Elesh Norn is beset in stamping out all life in the infinite planes of MTG – all non-Phyrexian life, that is. For the White Praetor, perfection is only possible if everything had only one will – hers. And just like New Phyrexia unstoppably took over Mirrodin like a blanket of black mold coating a ball, Norn had been furthering her agendas of total omni-planar saturation across multiple MTG set arcs now, quite recently testing out a mini-invasion against one of her enemies’ strongholds in Dominaria.

Even with one of her own Praetors, Urabrask, rebelling against her and all the most powerful planeswalkers of the Gatewatch gathering together to stop her, Norn is still cleanly at the brink of encompassing every plane she can get her long spindly arms on. And yet, she still offers everyone a chance at survival: either join the ranks of New Phyrexia, or be assimilated should you resist in futility.

magic the gathering phyrexia all will be one media kit 2

This makes perfect sense, as Elesh has provided a clear message to everyone, and this cleansing is utterly inevitable.

With this message comes a cryptic box scribbled with Phyrexian text, containing a message for those who are smart and brave enough to overcome what’s ahead.

magic the gathering phyrexia all will be one media kit 4

Upon tinkering with it, the box opened up to reveal Elesh Norn’s threat to all life – either surrender to perfection or be cleansed.

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  • magic the gathering phyrexia all will be one media kit 6

Phyrexia: All Will be One is the latest set in Magic: The Gathering that will give players a chance to relive this gripping story of Elesh Norn’s ambitions and lays the groundwork for the next set – March of The Machines.

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is now available across Magic: The Gathering authorized retailers.

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