‘Phyrexia: All Will Be One’ set for Magic: The Gathering Launches on February 10

Wizards of the Coast will be launching the latest set for Magic: The Gathering, entitled Phyrexia: All Will Be One, on February 10, 2023.

Containing 271 cards, this set is the third installment in the four-part Phyrexian storyline, which will see players experience the beauty and horror of the memorable villains as they pursue their plans to take over the multiverse.

Both Jumpstart and Commander product lines return, with two Commander decks and 10 new Jumpstart booster themes.

The set will also showcase the horror of these iconic villains, with two new mechanics in Corrupted and Oil Counters. Corrupted rewards players who have opponents with three or more poison counters, and Oil
Counters show the spread of Phyrexia throughout the planes of the Multiverse.

Additionally, fan-favorite Proliferate returns with heavy synergy to both aforementioned mechanics, along with Poison Counters as a way for players to kill their opponents even faster.

phyrexia all will be one key art

The set will feature 40 cards with Ichor showcase art, while the 10 Planeswalkers of the set are given a borderless manga-art treatment. In particular, Elesh Norn will also receive her own special art treatment with artwork done by popular Japanese manga artist Junji-Ito.

The new set will be available as Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, Jumpstart Boosters, Commander decks, Bundles, and a special Compleat Bundle edition.

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is launching on February 10, 2023.

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