Diablo IV’s Latest Campfire Chat Discusses Patch 1.2.0 Updates

Blizzard Entertainment has published a new campfire chat video for Diablo IV, which discusses the updates players can look forward to for Patch 1.2.0.

Diablo IV Patch 1.2.0 goes live on October 17, and the updates included in the patch are geared towards encouraging that experimentation, without sacrificing the player feeling powerful.

Here’s a recap of the main points discussed during the Diablo IV Campfire Chat:

  • In Season of Blood, Elemental Resistances will become a much more important part of your character’s survivability. Utilizing methods such as itemization, the Skill Tree, Elixirs, and your Paragon Board, the more Resistance you have against a particular element the more valuable each percentage is for total effective Life. For example, going from 60-65% Fire Resistance is much more valuable than going from 20-25%.
  • We’ve heard the overwhelming community feedback that Unique items aren’t as exciting and impactful as they need to be. In Season of Blood, we’ve done a large design rework on our Unique items and updated nearly every one in the game. Unique Items will be getting completely new stats to empower them further, along with increased ranges on existing stats and adding stats (such as Critical Strikes) to slots where they previously hadn’t existed. 
  • In order to reward players for investing in their primary vector of damage—and to be competitive for doing so—the way damage is calculated is receiving an overhaul. There will still be different damage buckets, except the base amount of bonus damage these methods provide will be multiplicative. The rest of the bonus damage to these categories will be additive when they are combined, and Overpower builds will be much more competitive than before. Monsters and enemies have been rebalanced around the new player power.
  • A slew of Class Improvements are also coming, such as scaling effects for many mechanics across all classes. This includes an increase in damage for the Barbarian’s Blood Rage skill, the Druid’s Victimize skill, and an increase in ramp-up speed for the Sorcerer’s Incinerate skill. These changes are designed to go hand in hand with the aforementioned tweaks to Elemental Resistances, Unique items, and Damage Buckets to enable a greater variety and flexibility in builds.
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You can check out the full Diablo IV 1.2.0 patch notes HERE.

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