Teamfight Tactics Asian Cup Announced with $40,000 Prize Pool

Riot Games has announced the Teamfight Tactics Asian Cup, which will kick off on March 3 and will feature the top players from across Asia.

The tournament will feature a prize pool of $40,000, with the winner taking home $20,000, and in addition to the cash prize, they will also be crowned the best TFT player in Asia.

The tournament will be divided into three days, with the top 16 players progressing to the second day and the top 8 players progressing to the final day. On the first day, players will be split into groups of three and play six rounds each, and the groups will be shuffled every two games, with the same format being followed until the final day.

On the final day, the tournament will switch to a Checkmate format, and players will compete until the first player to earn 18 points and win a round will be crowned the Asian TFT champion. Some of the top players to watch out for in the tournament include former Asian Cup and Championship Winner “XunGe” and “Huanmie”, Southeast Asia’s “Khar1ch,” and South Korea’s “Vayne.”

teamfight tactics asian cup

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Check out the participating players below:

CHN: Flancy, ZhanWenYu, 60second, Chuqi, Huanmie, XunGe

KOR: Vayne, Kangsunjong, Invention, Incheon Fist, Good Day, Cosmo

JPN: Coach Me, shikamemadoka, m1zono

OCE: Choonga, oubo, Kahdei

SEA: Khar1ch, VN Ozinx, Kbaobao, VN YGNamBom, SVM DVQ, ARaye

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