New Netflix K-series ‘Black Knight’ Unveils Official Trailer

Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for its upcoming K-series, Black Knight, which offers a tantalizing glimpse into a post-apocalyptic universe where the Korean peninsula has become a desert wasteland and only one percent of the population clings to life.

The show tells the story of how legendary knight 5-8 and refugee Sa-wol take on the omnipotent Cheonmyeong Group that rules a dystopian Korea ravaged by extreme air pollution, making it uninhabitable without a ventilator.

Here’s an overview of the show:

The legendary deliveryman 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin) works as a lifeline to mankind, delivering oxygen and other necessities in the daytime. At nightfall, however, he transforms into a Black Knight with a plot to upend the order created by Cheonmyeong Group, the de facto ruler of the devastated world.

Ryu Seok (Song Seung-heon), the ruthless heir to Cheonmyeong Group, clashes with 5-8 as he defends his vision of a world with no place for the refugees. Seol-ah (Esom), a major at the Defense Intelligence Command, warns 5-8 that chaos may spiral out of hand, while Sa-wol, a refugee who aspires of becoming a Black Knight, boldly climbs onto 5-8’s truck, eager to join the fight.

netflix black knight

Black Knight is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on May 12, 2023.

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