Wilderness Boss Rework: First Impressions

The Wilderness boss rework was released on January 25, and it affects 3 of the six Wilderness bosses: Callisto, Vet’ion, and Venenatis. This has been one of the most anticipated updates since Jagex announced it in the Summer of 2022 because it is meant to appeal to both PvMers and PvPers alike. It is also an update for solo players or those who hate stepping into the Wilderness altogether. You’ll be able to make OSRS GP both as a PvPer and as a PvMer with this update, provided that you are willing to take the risk and go in the Wilderness.

Depending Factors On Whether It’s Worth Doing

While many argue it is worth it, your success and OSRS gold per hour depends on many factors. First, the new bosses are set within the deep wilderness and are meant for teams of players, and your success will heavily depend on your team’s success, how well organized your team is, how experienced each player is, and the gear each player is running. There will be a huge difference between a team running basic gear and one running expensive gear worth many OSRS GP.

Besides this, you must account for the actual PvP encounters you will get and whether you win them. This has much to do with the time of the day you choose to do this and luck. But even if you get to fight other players and win all of the encounters, this doesn’t necessarily add to your profits, as some boss kills might be more valuable than the loot you get from PKers.

Another variable affecting how much you profit from taking down the bosses is how your team chooses to split the loot. The new bosses have a mechanic in place that will give loot to all participants since they are intended as group content, similar to how the raids reward all participating players who have done well enough. Similarly, if you damage any of the three Wilderness bosses enough, you will become eligible to receive loot. However, you could be in a team that chooses to do free for all, meaning whoever got the loot got it, or a partial free for all where whoever got the loot got it, with a few exceptions of items that have a high Grand exchange value that will be split amongst all of the participants.

Besides risking your gear when going for these bosses, you must also pay an entry fee of 50k GP to prevent scouting and other unwanted behavior. You’ll also be able to get back your items from a gravestone outside the boss’ layer if you die in a PvM encounter, so you won’t need to pay the tax again to get your items, but you do risk dying in PvP while trying to get your items back.

OSRS Wilderness Boss

Reviving Group Content

If you don’t know what the update is about, Jagex moved Callisto, Vet’ion, and Venenatis from the surface of the Wilderness into their caves. They also made a few visual improvements, added many new rewards, and even made soloable versions of the bosses to appeal to everyone.

The main reason why they did this was to revive group content in the Wilderness. And it worked! Many players have been thrilled to group up and take down the bosses, hoping for some PvP action on the side, while others went fully ahead to hunt down other players who were doing the bosses.

However, some players were disappointed by Jagex’s decision to make the boss area a single plus area instead of a multi-area as they originally pitched the idea. Other players were utterly disappointed by the amount of OSRS GP they could get from the bosses themselves, especially since they feel strong, even if not comparing them to their older versions.

Keeping A Close Eye On Things

Jagex is planning to keep a close eye on the bosses to monitor the impact of their drops on the overall economy and keep it at a sweet point where you get enough OSRS gold for your time and risk. Still, it doesn’t negatively impact the economy of the game. With the right team, players with OSRS accounts for sale will have a fantastic time taking down the new bosses and enjoying their new rewards while earning some fair OSRS GP per hour.

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