Hi-Fi RUSH Arcade Challenge Update Adds Fantastic Value to 2023’s Biggest Surprise Hit

Tango Gameworks took the gaming world by storm last January with the shadow drop of Hi-Fi RUSH, and it quickly entered many a GOTY list as one of the biggest surprises of the year. With the Hi-Fi RUSH Arcade Challenge update going live last week, this already good game just got even better.

Hi-Fi RUSH is the type of game that gets better with multiple playthroughs. While one can argue that it runs out of steam after the story campaign, it cannot be denied that it was one of the more entertaining video game narratives of the year.

The Hi-Fi RUSH update kicks in for returning players with more content to sink their teeth into, and it really ups the replayability factor of the game by a serious degree. And if you’re on Xbox or PC Game Pass, you can play the game for free, with this latest update being free as well to all owners of the game. How can you not like it?

Arcade Challenge!

Hi-Fi RUSH Update Arcade Challenge

The caveat to accessing this post-game content is that you have completed the game first. Hi-Fi RUSH can be completed anywhere between 10-12 hours depending on how you play through it, which is insane value when you think about it. New players will have something to look forward to after all is said and done, but this gift is for returning players who might possibly need an excuse to dive back in.

Players will need to check out the new arcade machine located in their headquarters that will allow access to the new content. It’s great to have access to all of this content in one convenient spot, giving players an easy way to enjoy the game even further.

Hi-Fi RUSH Update BPM Mode

Here you’re treated to the BPM Rush Mode and Power Up! Tower Up! arcade games that like the Rhythm Tower mini-game, will grant you more bonuses such as extra costumes for cosmetics and new moves to discover. This Hi-Fi RUSH update may feel like more of the same post-game content at first, but as you dive in, it definitely is a meaty update with even more rewards and surprises.

Both arcade games are survival mode types that allow you to challenge yourself as you progress. BPM Rush Mode is a challenge game where you defeat more enemies while defending your BPM as you progress, the BPM gets faster until you reach Turbo mode, which could be a challenging endeavor even for experienced players.

Hi-Fi RUSH Update Power Up Tower Up

Power Up! Tower Up! mode is a rogue-lite re-envisioning of the Rhythm Tower, where you’re de-powered to your starting levels and you can get a bonus (or a penalty) with how many power-ups you’re using to ascend the tower. Along the way, you come across challenges to gain bonuses and even picking up “cursed chips” that give you an immediate penalty, but solving its parameters will help you in the long run.

Out of the two new games in the Hi-Fi RUSH update, I personally prefer the Power Up! Tower Up! mode. As a sucker for rogue-lite elements, this really is up my alley trying to get as far up the tower with little or no help while powering up along the way. It reminds me of Hades if Hades hit along to the rhythm.

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hi-fi rush arcade challenge update key art

The Hi-Fi RUSH update adds a lot of value to an already amazing game that has surprised us and keeps surprising us time and time again. Our review called it a “rockin’ good time that invites every player to the party, whether or not you’re into rhythm games or action games”.

New players about to finish the story mode will probably get the most out of this update as they are coming from completing the story mode of the game and will be wanting more to fill the void. Returning players will find an extremely good reason to hop back in, completing the new achievements as they go along the way.

The Hi-Fi RUSH Arcade Challenge! Update! is now available on the Xbox Series X|S, PC, and is playable on the Xbox Game Pass.

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