Canceled Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel Would Have Mixed Elden Ring and Wind Waker

More details about the canceled Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel have surfaced, saying that it would have “combined traits” from Elden Ring and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.
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According to a report from Stephen Totilo on Axios, the game was codenamed “Oxygen” and began development in 2021. Sources pointed out that the project had plans to create “a vast game set across a fictionalized version of the Polynesian archipelago” and was primarily being worked on by Ubisoft Quebec with Polynesian Consultants.

The said game was going to be a departure from the typical Ubisoft formula, which usually consists of numerous markers and guides. The Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel was planned to take inspiration from Elden Ring and require players to “search harder to figure out where to go, by tracking animals, following the wind or navigating via the position of the stars in the in-game sky.”

It was even said that the Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel would gain elemental powers and shape-shift, along with managing their in-game actions due to how it would impact the land around them, all while hopping from island to island that were representations of Tahiti, Easter Island, and more.

Furthermore, the Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel would even drop the narrator and lose the emphasis on solving puzzles, but instead, offer a “more malleable story in which player choice is significant.” It even came to a point where discussions were made to possibly rebrand it as an original game and not a sequel.

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According to Totilo’s report, the Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel was taking longer because of scope, and changing up the Assassin’s Creed game engine would mean more resources, something Ubisoft was not able to do due to upcoming AC titles like AC Red.

Alas, it is something that we may never get to see. Despite having an internal playable demo of several hours, the company made a decision to redirect and reallocate teams that would “serve as an accelerator for the development of these key projects focused on our biggest brands.” The cancellation even caught the developers by surprise, and it was ultimately concerns over cost that led to scrapping the project.


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