MTG Arena Wilds of Eldraine Meta Movers

Welcome to the latest Wooberg (WUBRG), where we highlight our fearless forecast of meta movers per color of mana in Magic: The Gathering Arena’s latest set, Wilds of Eldraine.

I have to be honest—I’m a little bit disappointed with how Wilds of Eldraine cards have arrived in the current Standard format. That is to say, I can barely feel any new changes at all that are as impactful as when Fable of the Mirror Breaker was banned. Standard remains a format full of boogeymen, or well, boogeywomen, in Sheoldred, Atraxa, and The Wandering Emperor, but here’s your list anyway.

MTG Arena Wilds of Eldraine Meta Movers

Wilds of Eldraine – Virtue of Loyalty // Ardenvale Fealty

wilds of eldraine virtue of loyalty

This is the safest craft in all of W if you’re looking to get ahead fast and consistently; adventures were Eldraine’s bread and butter when it first came into the meta with [ELD], and it seems like maybe WotC has learned its lessons in not making 2-cards-in-1 cards too strong. This 5-mana anthem may be win-more, but making a 2/2 vigilance Knight – at instant speed! – makes Virtue of Loyalty’s spot in the 75 of even mildly aggressive decks with W guaranteed.

Look for it in Azorius Soldiers, Mono-W Aggro and Midrange, and all the various flavors of Esper Midrange, and it is my bet for the best card of the Virtue Cycle.

Wilds of Eldraine – Spell Stutter

wilds of eldraine spell stutter

How bad does U have to be if I have to pick a common as the best card in the set? Well, let’s just say there aren’t many new decks coming out of this color alone, but it might just help a Flash Faerie tribal list come up front. With Faerie Mastermind still seeing play, Dimir might get a good boost from the Faerie archetype instead of just goodstuff control.

I’m also a fan of Rankle and other UB Faeries, but I need to pick something for U. Virtue of Knowledge seems breakable, but I don’t think that will happen in this Standard just yet.

Wilds of Eldraine – Virtue of Persistence // Locthwain Scorn & Lord Skitter, Sewer King

No, this isn’t a single adventure, but B gets two best cards, and possibly even more – to the surprise (or abject shock) of no one at all, Black remains on top, and it really does seem like we can’t ever go back to not having B as the best color of MTGA Standard (Fable aside) until Sheoldred is shafted. Nevertheless, these 2 cards fulfill opposing strats: one serves to make use of graveyards (including your opponent’s!) while helping fill it up, and the other hates it while building tempo. Domain 5C does not balk at the high cost of Virtue of Persistence seeing as it can bring it back from the GY easily with another card in this list, but Lord Skitter helps Mono-B and Esper deal with over-the-top tactics such as that.

Wilds of Eldraine – Charming Scoundrel

wilds of eldraine charming scoundrel

I’ve been told that RDW is here to stay, whatever the meta, but it’s been rough going for maybe more than a year now, even with the formerly-best-card-in-rotation coming from R itself (but not RDW). Charming Scoundrel is a wonderful throwback to [ELD]’s Charming Prince, and a desperately welcome addition to Mono-R. It’s a cheap ramp, filter, and aggression all in one no-downside package, and sometimes that’s all RDW can ask for (in Standard).

Wilds of Eldraine – Bramble Familiar // Fetch Quest

wilds of eldraine bramble familiar

Small critter, big adventure – Atraxa found the perfect vacation itinerary for a visit to Alara. Domain 5C already loves cycling Invasions of Alara into this, into other 7-cost bombs, along with Cemetery Desecrator to immediately pop the battle. The moment this card was spoiled, I knew G was going to come out aces… for a deck that barely plays G. Sorry Mono-G, this is not your season. Maybe next set…

Wilds of Eldraine – The Rest(less) of Them

wilds of eldraine restless spire

Of course, what’s an MTG Standard set without a cycle of rare and expensive dual lands? These are some of the most creative duals I’ve seen in quite a while, because not only are the Restless lands duals – they’re also manlands, but wait, there’s more: they proc useful stuff when they attack. Thankfully they’re not too OP because they come into play tapped – I get that Wizards are way too careful in creating a set that’s too powerful again.

Still, these enemy-color duals are appreciable in a number of slower lists that can make use of the mana-sink.

Wilds of Eldraine – No Cauldron?

Agatha’s Cauldron is a limited bomb for sure, and also might probably be breakable, but with all the talk of Cauldron decks coming into the fray, well, not in Standard right now, I guess. So that’s it for now.

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