Marvel’s Wolverine Early Footage Leaks Following Insomniac Games Ransomware Attack

Following the recent ransomware attack on Insomniac Games, where the hacker group threatened to spill the information obtained, leaked footage of Marvel’s Wolverine is now making the rounds, showing very early footage of the game, including a bunch of other information.

*We will not be directly linking out to any information about the leak. This article is only done to inform players about incoming spoilers, and they should keep an eye out and be vigilant about it.

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marvel's wolverine

Over at the Gaming Leaks subreddit, a clip is being shown of early gameplay footage of Wolverine performing some basic animations and combat sequences. Some of it looks like it is still being prototyped or is still in the alpha stage.

If there’s anything good to come out of this, it is at least interesting to see the early stages of the game and how it eventually progresses to a finished product. It is also promising to see that the level of brutality we’re expecting from the game seems to be intact, and if any studio can pull off a Wolverine game, it is Insomniac Games.

That said, what is happening to Insomniac Games at the moment is not ideal and should be frowned upon, especially since these studios are working hard to provide an exceptional experience for everyone, and they should be able to release these announcements on their terms.

If you’re not interested in seeing leaks about the game at all, we advise you to stay vigilant.

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