Avatar: The Last Airbender Stars Gordon Cormier and Dallas Liu Grace Epic Manila Event

Gordon Cormier and Dallas Liu, the young actors starring in the highly-anticipated Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix series, recently arrived in Manila for the press conference and premiere of the live-action adaptation. Their visit was met with a warm welcome from the city as they engaged in a full day of activities alongside regional press, influencers, and other delegates from the APAC region.

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During the Avatar: The Last Airbender press conference held at the Marquis Events Place in BGC, Filipino-Canadian star Gordon Cormier shared three poignant words that encapsulated the life-changing moment when he learned he had secured the iconic role of Aang: “Tears. Crying. Happiness.” 

Gordon expressed how he felt personal growth alongside his character, particularly in portraying Aang’s joyful side. As he humorously put it, “When we first shot the series, I was 11 years old, so I feel like I’ve grown up quite a bit. The happy side of Aang is quite easy for me because… you know. I think you could tell.” 

However, delving into Aang’s emotional depths proved to be more challenging for the talented actor. “It was more difficult for me to tap into Aang’s emotional side.”

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Dallas Liu, who portrays Prince Zuko, reflected on the process of infusing fresh life into these beloved characters. He explained, “I really had to delve into the negativity of Prince Zuko and the challenges he faces. There are specific moments from my own life that I drew upon, and they worked well for certain scenes.” Dallas emphasized that each cast member found a way to authentically connect with their characters, bringing them to life in a manner that resonates with audiences. “I’m genuinely excited for all of you to see it,” he added, alluding to the intense fight sequences featured in the series.

Acknowledging the strong bond formed during filming, Dallas, the elder of the two breakout stars, concluded the press conference with heartfelt advice for his co-star, Gordon Cormier: “Having a resilient foundation in your heart is crucial. May the support from your loved ones at home uplift you, provide unwavering encouragement, and champion you throughout your journey.”

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The press conference ended with a surprise reveal of a fun, special “Appa Air” promotional video of Melai Cantiveros that both the audience and the actors enjoyed.

Following the press conference, the duo headed to Central Square to check out the Avatar: The Last Airbender activity zones at the cinema area, and made a surprise appearance during the fan screening to the delight of the lucky fans.

Nearly 300 media representatives and fans took part in the events prepared for Avatar: The Last Airbender. The talents witnessed firsthand the positive response of the crowd during the screening and engaged with thrilled onlookers around the venue.

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Image Credit: Netflix

Avatar: The Last Airbender is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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