Diablo Immortal’s Latest Update Changes Paragon System

In a nutshell

  • Diablo Immortal’s May 23 update will not only bring a new class but will also introduce changes to the Paragon System
  • Changes to the Paragon System will give players more versatility
  • The system will also be streamlined to make it easier to combine and collect skills

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo Immortal‘s Paragon System will see changes and reworks that will put the power of choice in the hands of the players.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Paragon System changes in Diablo Immortal’s latest update:

Diablo Immortal New Paragon System

The new Paragon System for Diablo Immortal is aimed at increasing versatility and choice while also streamlining to make it easier to combine and collect skills that will suit your various playstyles.

Players will gain the flexibility to equip and combine different abilities, granting greater build diversity and versatility.

diablo immortal paragon system changes

Diablo Immortal’s new Paragon System will combine sections of the previous System to allow for a much better pool of skills one can use at any time. The current count of 15 different trees will now be combined into 5, each with a pool of 15 skills to choose from. You can now make the same selection of having 5 active skills, except you’ll be able to select any 5 from a pool of 15 skills within a given branch.

Trees unlock sequentially, opening up further trees as more Paragon points are spent by unlocking skills in trees that are currently available to you. Spending 10 points within a given Paragon tree will then unlock the next available Paragon tree.

The 5 new trees are:

  • Vanquisher (Includes: Vanquisher, Treasure Hunter, Massacre)
  • Survivor (Includes: Survivor, Mastermind, Apothecary)
  • Gladiator (Includes: Gladiator, Soldier, Champion)
  • Brawler (Includes Brawler, Warden, Executioner)
  • Slinger (Includes Duelist, Weaver, Ranger)

Additionally, all of the Persistent Attributes that gave players benefits in the previous system can now be unlocked and redistributed in the new system. Unlocking a Paragon skill—regardless of whether it’s active—will grant you the additive bonuses that Persistent Attributes once gave. All of the stat benefits that were within Persistent Attributes will be granted across all the new Paragon skills.

Level and Difficulty Changes

Diablo Immortal will also see some level and difficulty changes, with the full details below:

Paragon level cap will be reduced from level 1399 to 299 while also reducing the level of difficulty modes from 15 to 4. Hell levels 1-8, and Inferno Difficulty 1-6 will be condensed down to 3 different Hell difficulties in the next content update.

diablo immortal paragon system changes 3

The overall changes are:

  • Hell I-VIII is now Hell I
  • Inferno I-III is now to Hell II
  • Inferno I-VI is now Hell III
diablo immortal paragon system changes 2

Diablo Immortal update goes live on May 23.

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