Top 5 game releases for November 2019

2019 is nearly done but the game releases just keep on coming! For this month, we’ve got quite the spread in terms of genres which makes November quite the month for gamers of all kinds to get excited!


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (November 15 – PS4, Xbox One)

When Fallen Order was first announced, it looked like the game was not going to live up the the massive hype it was creating but after the first wave of initial previews were published by outlets around the world, it seems that the force may indeed be strong in this one. No local announcements or pre-orders have been made yet by retailers but keep your eyes peeled, this is one title you may not want to miss especially if you are a Star Wars fan.


Need for Speed Heat (November 8 – PS4, Xbox One)

Racing fans rejoice as this latest installment in the long running NFS franchise may finally be the one fans have been waiting for. Donning some Miami Vice colors, NFS Heat is looking to regain the throne as one of the top arcade racers out there and with less than a week to go before release, this is definitely coming in hot and fast!


Shenmue III (November 19 – PS4)

It took quite a while but at least Shenmue gets to count to 3! The latest in Yu Suzuki’s beloved franchise, Shenmue was a revolutionary game when it came out nearly 20 years ago and this time around, expect fans can finally continue Ryo’s quest to find his father’s killer.


Pokemon Sword / Shield (November 15 – Nintendo Switch)

Trainers all around the world will unite as the latest mainline Pokemon game will finally be released. Once met with resistance due to questionable design decisions, the hype train is still strong with this one and Switch owners will have another exclusive to boast about in their ever growing library!


Death Stranding (November 8 – PS4)

Arguably the hottest game release this November, Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece is ready and ripe for the taking in less than a week. Are you ready to reconnect the fractured society and unite America?

If you haven’t yet, check out our review of Death Stranding below and see why it is such a polarizing and controversial game!

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