“Bedrock” update for Minecraft will be coming to PS4, allows full cross-play with everyone

For the longest time, players on the PS4 have mostly been playing in their own backyard, so to speak. Talks of cross-play with other systems and consoles was non existent but with recent developments, it seems that Sony is finally willing to play nice as Minecraft will now allow for full cross-play with its upcoming “Bedrock” update!

According to the PlayStation Blog, the Bedrock version is the “unified” version of the game, meaning experiences across all consoles will now be the same, thus allowing for full cross-play capability. This also means that PS4 players will gain access to the Minecraft Marketplace where they can acquire a ton of content for the base game!

The Bedrock update should reach players automatically so if you already own Minecraft, you won’t need to actually purchase another version, you’ll get the update for free! Just a note, cross-play will require other users to be on the latest Bedrock patch as well so spread the word for a bigger and better Minecraft experience!

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