Crash Bandicoot mobile game leaks, possibly an endless runner from the creators of Candy Crush

In what is probably not a surprise, considering the trend of games making their way to mobile platforms, the next franchise on the list may have been leaked and its none other than Crash Bandicoot!

Fans may have been wanting a sequel but a mobile game was part of the conclusion that Twitter users JumpButton and Motwera got from a possible leak from an upcoming Facebook ad.

Candy Crush creators “King”, Activision’s mobile studio, is very much capable of translating our favorite furry friend and we’re possibly seeing an endless runner as the base design, fitting well into what Crash Bandicoot really is apart from a platformer game.

According to DualShockers, the mobile game will feature an original story starring Crash and Coco taking on Dr. Neo Cortex on Wumpa Island. There is also a building aspect to the game that will include “unlocking buildings that will supply you with an arsenal of weapons, growing and harvesting crops to produce powerful serums, collecting blaze pods from Wumpa’s volcano, and repairing a rocket to fly to a space station.”

No official news yet from Activision or King but this leak doesn’t sound too far off from reality so we’re keeping our hopes up that this comes into fruition sooner rather than later.

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