Leaked images of PS5 devkit confirmed to be true, shows weird looking form factor

It’s about a year away from now but leaks have already spring from even as early as a couple of months back. What was allegedly a PS5 Devkit, which developers use to, well, develop games for the system, has been confirmed and it’s looking every bit as unwieldy and as odd shaped as almost all of the other PlayStation devkits in history.

Peep the image below:

Confirmed by Tom Warren of The Verge as Tweeted below, it’s also mentioned that it looks that way because it makes them “more easily stackable for devs who are running multiple stress tests”. The V-shaped center also provides optimized cooling.

During development, multiple stress tests and QA cycles are being done to repeatedly try to break the game in order to fix all of the bugs before launching it to the public. As such, the devkit being shaped like this is more of a functional decision more than anything else. And I guess since 5 is also a “V” in Roman Numerals, it also does make sense.

Devkits are not usually indicative of what the final product looks like, judging from past iterations, with the devkits looking like a much more bulkier and heavier product that what is actually commercially released. As we inch closer and closer to Holiday 2020, which is the announced time window where both the next gen Xbox and PlayStation will be making an appearance, we’ll be sure to see more images surface.

At the moment, we may already assume that the PS5 controller may actually look very similar to the PS4 controller save for a few notable changes like the removal of the light bar, 2 jacks at the bottom, and a beefier frame akin to an Xbox controller IF the patents circulating the web are to be believed.

There’s also been a rumor about the PS5 “Pro” launching at the same time as the base model, but of course this is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Whatever the case may be, it’s quite apparent that the next generation of consoles will bring superb power and graphical enhancements to the table, also offering blazing fast processing power that will allow games to load faster.

Now if only it can make the waiting time to Holiday 2020 go a bit faster as well.

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