Kojima reportedly interested in creating smaller scale games along with Manga and Anime

It’s no secret that Kojima has the knack for creating highly unusual and controversial material. His most recent outing, Death Stranding, received praises of the highest order but was also met with some rather low ratings due to its gameplay and rather obnoxious plot.

While games that are cinematic experiences are what we know mostly of Kojima, a recent interview with Famitsu (translated by Dualshockers) explains that Kojima is highly interested in putting out game titles of a relatively smaller scale but of course, their desire to work on massive experiences like Death Stranding still remains. While it is quite vague, we could probably assume that smaller projects would include episodic titles similar to the Telltale series.

Kojima pointed out also that they could explore both Manga and Anime, as they would certainly like to bring to life Yoji Shinkawa’s mecha designs. Yoji Shinkawa, by the way, is the lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear Franchise so them alluding to a possible Manga or Anime project would be hella hyped to say the least.

Death Stranding was met with varied reviews upon launch but we absolutely loved the game which you can read in our review below. Death Stranding also won Game of the Year in our annual Tech Newsmakers awards!

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