PS5 Has Now Sold 17.3 Million Consoles, Slower Pace Due To Supply Issues

It’s been over a year since the PS5 has launched and if you haven’t gotten one yet, you’re not alone in the search for this highly elusive console. As of December 31, 2021, Sony has announced via their financial reports that the PS5 has now sold 17.3 million consoles, which is a great feat considering the prevailing conditions around the world.

While it would have been on track to outpace the PS4, the rate at which they’re being sold has slowed down due to supply issues. In fact, during the same time frame, the PS4 has sold 20.2 million consoles, 3 million clear of the PS5 despite the overwhelming demand for the system.

Due to this, Sony has thus shifted their outlook for the year, saying that “Sales are expected to be lower than the October forecast due to an expected decrease in PlayStation 5 hardware unit sales, primarily due to shortages in the supply of components, especially semiconductors”

Additionally, the PS4 is still selling quite well, pushing out 200,000 consoles during Q3 2021 and thus bringing its lifetime sales record to 116.8 million.

Have you gotten your hands on a PS5 yet or are you willing to wait a bit longer?

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