Detroit: Become Human Getting Spin-off Manga

Detroit: Become Human, the 2018 game from Quantic Dream, is getting a spin-off Manga launching in Japan on July 22.

According to a report from Dengeki Online, the manga is entitled Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories and is written by Saruwatari Kazami and illustrated by Moto Sumida, with Quantic Dream having a supervisory role during the writing process.

The manga will center on the daily life of androids in Japan, with the people being accepting of them at the early stages. Soon after, when androids start taking over the workplace, replacing the humans, the community becomes overly upset and thus starts the main conflict. The lead character is an android pop idol named Reina.

The manga will be available in Japan via Comic Bridge and no plans for an English version has been announced yet.

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