Fortnite limited-time mode ‘Impostors’ feels way too much like Among Us

Epic Games has announced the new mode coming to Fortnite and it sounds very much like another game that we know of. In fact, even the term used for the mode is quite familiar as well!

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: 10 players are either Agent or Impostor, complete or sabotage assignments, manipulate other players, and of course you can also “Force a Discussion” and eject a suspected impostor. Voice chats are disabled and players can communicate via emojis, which the game actually has in spades.

This is what you can expect on the new limited-time mode from Fortnite called Impostors, and if it really sounds like the smash hit Among Us, that’s because it probably is. Maybe. Kinda.

Take a look below!

Pretty sus? Community director at InnerSloth / Among Us Victoria Tran expressed that a collab would have actually been pretty cool.

Fortnite Imposters is out today and will be available for a limited time.

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