Star Wars Battlefront II mod lets you play as Pope John Paul II

Mods aren’t a new thing. In PC gaming, mods can certainly breathe a new life into an otherwise dying game and in some cases, mods may even be better than the original game!

Due to the recent hype for Rise of the Skywalker and the updates that have brought the cast to Battlefront 2, Mod creator xD0IT has released a mod that changes Kylo Ren into none other than his Holiness, Pope John Paul II, complete with Star Cards and a Yellow lightsaber!

It’s certainly a surprising and maybe controversial mod. Some users may be slightly offended by this act as Pope John Paul II was a highly revered leader back in the day. For xD0IT, this is most probably just him paying homage to the memory of the late Pope. And in style, if we may add.

If you haven’t played Battlefront 2 yet, it was previously on sale on various online stores such as PSN for a huge discount and since it was released back in 2017 to lots of controversy, the game has received numerous updates that make it quite the serviceable shooter if you’re looking for a great Star Wars game to accompany Fallen Order.

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