Rumors swirling that another “larger remake” project is in the works at Capcom for 2021

M-Two Inc., led by former Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami, is reportedly working on a “larger scale remake” on a Capcom property and sorry to burst your bubbles, but it isn’t Dino Crisis nor Code Veronica BUT is another Resident Evil title possibly set for 2021.

Coming from Nibel, a trusted info source in the industry and backed by a report from VGC confirming that M-Two is indeed a Capcom studio and helped on the development for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 title, rumors have been swirling that a “larger remake” project is set for 2021.

Moreover, AestheticGamer also chimes in on the rumor, stating that the title has been in development since 2016 and is scheduled for 2021, giving 5 years of work being put into the title. Take note that he specifically mentions the 2021 remake to be another RE game.

If it is indeed a “larger” project and a Resident Evil one at that, one would be quick to assume that it could be RE4, since the first 3 already have remasters / remakes. Still, this is all a rumor but both Nibel and AestheticGamer have had a good track record with these leaks and rumors so it’s at least possible for it to be grounded in some truth.

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