Amidst the excitement, players are accidentally purchasing the wrong version for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

*This article was updated on April 11, 2:15PM

PlayStation Asia has issued a statement about the issue and will be issuing refunds to the affected customers via PSN wallet. Please be patient until then as we give PlayStation Asia some time to properly assess and serve everybody.

For any questions, you may check out the FAQ’s below:



PlayStation Asia must be feeling good right about now. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out and is receiving rave reviews across the board, including a beaming recommendation from us.

But they’re not, and it’s because of a reason you wouldn’t normally expect.

Players are flocking to their Facebook Fan page over reports of purchasing the wrong version of the game, choosing the Chinese version instead of the English version.

The problem lies in the PSN store, HK to be specific, with selling different versions of the game, one for Chinese/Korean and one for English/Japanese. While that’s not entirely unique to them since the SG store is the same, the problem lies in proper communication. If you click on the banner advertisements, it automatically leads you to the Chinese version first, leading to a high chance of a mistake happening.

As seen, PlayStation Asia are aware of the situation and rest assured they will find the best solution for everyone who have accidentally purchased the wrong version. While exchanges have been made before for situations like this, expect possible delays due to a large number of fans wanting to get into the game.

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