Dark Souls III with a Ring Fit controller is the masochistic workout of your nightmares

Dark Souls with a regular controller is already too hard for some people but have you heard of Dark Souls with a Ring Fit Controller? Sounds like DEATH.

Well, a Youtuber by the name of Super Louis 64 is up to the challenge to get in a good workout while “gitting gud” at the same time as he tries to venture into the punishing world of Dark Souls III with the contraption that is the Ring Fit Controller.

Dark Souls, as a game, will have you moving a lot because standing still against the terrors of the world will mean instant death. You can imagine that you’ll be getting a damn good workout since the movement in the game is tied to the running / jogging motion you do with the Ring Fit.

He also changed his controller bindings to heal when he performs a squat. I’ve never wanted to see a grown man squat until this video.

Super Louis has been known to experiment on crazy things with various controllers, like beating the Nameless King with just DK Bongos, thus earning him the title of the “Controller Bender”.

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