The Final Fantasy 7 Remake “New Game +” mode will push you to your limit (break)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is quite the game, finding the balance between nostalgia and innovation that fans will surely love. It’s the first installment in what is set to be a multiple part saga and while we still don’t know the details of the next game yet, there’s quite a lot of stuff that you can still do in the Remake even after you’ve finished the main storyline.

Starting with a New Game +.

New Game + in Final Fantasy 7 Remake works just like any other New Game +, allowing you to repeat the game with your hard earned levels, Materia, and inventory intact. Give em’ hell this time around, yeah?

One of the main differences here is that you’ll be able to choose a chapter to repeat, making it easy to nab that trophy or that sidequest you missed out on. You can choose to replay the whole game as well, and why not? The game is utterly fantastic and just begs to be replayed.

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On the flipside, you can also choose Hard mode for the chapters, and while optional, it’s quite possibly the hardest and most time consuming of all the Trophies in the game that you will need to complete to nab you that elusive Platinum. To ease things a bit, you’ll get a bump to your exp and AP rates, giving you a helping hand. You’ll need it, because Hard mode is no pushover, and you’ll need every bit of that First Class SOLDIER training to see it through.

You’ll also be able to go through a series of very challenging battles via the Combat Simulator that will yield you rewards if you manage to clear it.

Image from Game Informer

The next game in the series is still a ways out but rest assured, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has enough content to fill your Mako hungry appetite.

Still on the fence about Final Fantasy 7 Remake? It’s a great game and most outlets agree, taking the game to an average rating of 87 on Metacritic!

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