Here is your new PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense

One by one, the cards start to show.

First was the Specs reveal, which proved to be an interesting take on the next generation. Sony opted for speed instead of raw power, but we have yet to see how the design decision translates into the actual software.

Just a few hours ago, Sony has unveiled another part of the puzzle. The new PS5 controller, now named DualSense, is meant to “captivate more of your senses as you interact with the virtual worlds in PS5 games”.

The overall shape and design of the controller looks the same from the previous generation – the familiar button layout, analog placement, and even the rounded edges. Apart from the obvious two-tone design, much of what has changed lies beneath the surface.

First is haptic feedback, which is meant to add various sensations depending on what you are playing, giving players a more immersive gaming experience. You’ll “feel” your vehicle wading through mud, your hero running through rocky terrain… even the L2 and R2 buttons will feature haptic feedback as well.

Second is the angled hand triggers and grips, which, apart from making the controller fit better into the gamers hands, also allowed for additional actuators inside the controller as well as increasing the battery life for the DualSense.

Replacing the “Share” button is what Sony now likes to call the “Create” button. No details have been given on this but we can expect it to be a button dedicated to sharing and creating gameplay experiences that the consumers will actively take a part in.

A thoughtful addition is the Mic array, which will allow users to do voice chat even without a mic or a headset. While it will not fully replace the functionality of having a full fledged headset handy, the mic array is a great addition.

Immediately noticeable is the lack of the light bar in favor or a more subtle strip on each side of the touch pad. Also, while not confirmed, the DualSense will look to have the more uniform USB-C wire slot, which we assume will also be a fast charging slot.

Aesthetic wise, two tone is the hill Sony is choosing to fight the next design battle on. This design opens up a whole new world of color options, as we’ve seen with the more recent Berry Blue and Sunset Orange PS4 colorways. Gone is the monotone design, say hello to a more radical and playful PS5 controller.

Is this any indication of how the console may possibly look like? We’ll have to wait for the next reveal but, one at a time. For now, the controller is looking quite fancy with great technology behind it, and it’s only gotten us more excited.

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