People are already creating new colorways for the PlayStation 5 Controller

The DualSense, Sony’s brand spanking new controller for the PS5, was just announced and immediately, you’ll notice the two tone color scheme that they went for, ushering in a whole new world of design possibilities.

The players have stepped up the challenge and almost immediately, tons of fantastic looking colorways are already making their way online via Twitter. We’re wishing for some of these to actually be official!

Not digging the black and white? How a bout a sleek all black design?

Add a pop of color and you have the DualSense looking straight fire.

The muted grey with the red light bars peeking out looking ominous. Here’s hoping the lightbar can be customized!

How bright can you go with these colors?!

Some candy colored ones, anyone?

Someone call for Spider-Man?

Even BossLogic himself is all in on the designs!

How about them PlayStation exclusives?

And something I’m sure everyone would love, although it would be close to impossible to get one officially made…

See any controller design you like? Got any designs to share? Let us know!

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