Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you dress your avatar in Final Fantasy 7 clothes

Animal Crossing is quite the game. A few members of the team are obsessed with it and have been playing it non-stop during the quarantine. Players are using the game to honor the memory of their loved ones while others are being playful with it. So much, in fact, that they’re putting in some Final Fantasy 7 designs into the game!

Check out some of the collections that Twitter users are sharing and maybe you can come up with your own design as well!

Cloud would certainly look good as a farmer.

With the amount of flowers in the game, Aerith is a perfect fit!

Let’s also show Tifa some love!

Even Sephiroth is taking his talents to the farm.

Vincent Valentine, anyone?

Yuffie too!

How exactly do you get these designs to your game? It’s easy! Once Able Sisters is up on your island, you can easily download these designs via their kiosk. Just get hold of their design code, and voila – you will get ’em on your Nook Phone.

Enjoy these FF7 designs as well as thousands of other designs to customize your Animal Crossing avatars!

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