Yakuza: Like a Dragon confirmed for a March 2021 PlayStation 5 release

After much waiting, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has been confirmed for a March 2, 2021 PlayStation 5 release. If you’re counting, that’s a full 4 months after the initial release of November 10 everywhere else, PlayStation 4 included.

This comes from an announcement by RGG Studio themselves, even showing a first look at in-engine footage from the PS5.

Also, yes, you read right. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC will have their release dates bumped up a bit to November 10 from November 13.

PlayStation users who will be picking up the game on November 10 will receive a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5, whether through disc or digital means. Alternatively, the game will be available as a standalone purchase on the PS5 for $59.99.

Our impressions of the game tell of a wacky and ridiculous game while still keeping the Yakuza spirit alive, and we certainly can’t wait for November 10.

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