Xbox Series X showcases blazing fast load times

The first previews of the Xbox Series X from outfits have been published and it is nothing but good news for Xbox fans as the most powerful console also showcases blazing fast load times, among other impressions.

Due in large part to the technology in use, namely the SSD, next-gen gaming will usher in a new standard for loading times, letting players game more instead of waiting.

Below are a couple of loading time comparisons from GameSpot and The Verge, and do note that despite the differences in actual times, one thing for certain is that loading times have been drastically reduced. These are also for non optimized titles, meaning that the Xbox Series X is doing all this via brute strength.

VentureBeat reports of increased frames for some of the older games like Sekiro and Final Fantasy XV, along with transferring files from internal to external SSD, which is fast considering next-gen storage options are around $200.

IGN also reports that the SSD will have “802 gigabytes of usable space, after OS and system files.” and notes that the Series X is “almost inaudible when it’s idle, and in Red Dead Redemption 2, for instance, it’s still pretty quiet – much more so than the Xbox One X, which gets noticeably louder under full GPU load.”

Geoff Keighley absolutely loves Quick Resume, allowing players to pick up exactly where they left off within a matter of seconds.

Oh and boot time? See for yourself.

Overall, the Xbox Series X is receiving fantastic reviews so far from various outfits, with the power and speed to make the next-generation truly feel like a reality.

If you don’t know which next-gen console to go for yet, we help you out with that in our side to side comparison.

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