Total War: Pharaoh Dynasties Free DLC Launching July 25

In a nutshell

  • Total War: Pharaoh is getting a massive update on July 25
  • Entitled “Dynasties,” this free update will add a new map, units, and several quality-of-life improvements
  • New cultures such as Babylon and Assyria will be joining the fight

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced that Total War: Pharaoh Dynasties, a free expansion-sized DLC, is launching on July 25 on PC.

The Total War update provides a host of new features to the campaign experience, including new map regions, cultures, units, gameplay mechanics, and sweeping quality-of-life improvements.

Here’s an overview of the new additions of the Total War: Pharaoh Dynasties Free DLC:

Lead New Cultures
Four of the ancient world’s most iconic cultures join the fight to hold back the cataclysmic events of the Bronze-Age Collapse: Babylon, Assyria, Mycenae, and Troy. Each offers a unique campaign experience whilst featuring iconic historical leaders, diverse armies to command, gods to worship, and much more. Beyond this, an additional 25 minor factions are available to play, such as the Aeolians led by the fabled Achilles, or Napata led by the warrior-king Memnon.

Expand Your Empire 
Spanning much of the ancient world from the Aegean to Mesopotamia and down to Ancient Egypt, DYNASTIES almost doubles the size of PHARAOH’s original campaign map by adding 168 new settlements, new historical landmarks, new victory objectives, and more. To traverse this vastly expanded sandbox new Sea Travel Lanes have been added that speed up the fleets carrying your armies, enabling you to raid and invade further and faster.  

Establish Your Dynasty
Start a family tree to ensure your empire stands the test of time with the new Dynasty system. Reign over the tides of mortality and succession, navigating strategic marriages, heroic deaths on the battlefield, assassinations, and the looming mortality of old age to leave behind a legacy that will last the ages.

Dominate The Battlefield 
Wage war with over 150 new and reworked units, including cavalry, camel riders, and faction-specific units such as the elite Guards of Troy. Challenge yourself with new battle mechanics, such as the optional Lethality modifier, which makes battles more realistic by making combat much more deadly.

Total War: Pharaoh Dynasties is launching on July 25 on PC.

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