Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady is apparently very very tall

It seems that the whole internet has been smitten with Resident Evil Village’s new vampire ladies, particularly with tall vampire Lady Dimitrescu. We all knew she was tall, very tall actually, as evidenced by the recent “Maiden” demo exclusive to PlayStation 5 players. Well, Capcom has stopped all the speculation right in its tracks and have finally released her uh… statistics.

In an official announcement (yes, an official announcement) by Capcom, Resident Evil Village Art Director Tomonori Takano has expressed gratitude to the fans for the “outpouring of positivity” that the team has received. The attention given to the vampire ladies was more than they expected and has also confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu is 2.9 meters tall, or approximately 9’6″.

W. T. F.

Being nearly 10 feet tall, you can actually imagine how tall she is. Some of the easiest references would be basketball players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Tall vampire is at least 2 more feet taller than them, and can probably dunk on their heads in a game of hoops. Now, the “step on me” references take on a whole new meaning.

For some, this is probably the best bit of news that will come today, in case you needed or wanted to know about it.

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