Cyberpunk 2077 review round up is surprisingly mixed, but mostly beaming

Cyberpunk 2077 is out in a couple of days and the review embargo has just lifted for one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. With people expecting a rain of 10’s and perfect scores, Cyberpunk 2077 reviews are pretty surprising, with some high highs but also some low lows.

Although it is currently sitting at a 90 on Metacritic, with a number of critics scoring it perfectly, there are some surprisingly low reviews as well.

VG247 scores it a perfect 100, saying “In the midst of such intense anticipation and scrutiny, it’s easy to get carried away with what Cyberpunk 2077 could have been. The final experience might be more familiar than many predicted, with plenty of elements that aren’t perfect, but it’s dripping with detail and engaging stories. With so much to see and do, Cyberpunk 2077 is the kind of RPG where you blink and hours go by, which is just what we need to finish off 2020.”

IGN gives it a 9/10, saying “Cyberpunk 2077 kicks you into its beautiful and dazzlingly dense cityscape with few restrictions. It offers a staggering amount of choice in how to build your character, approach quests, and confront enemies, and your decisions can have a tangible and natural-feeling impact on both the world around you and the stories of the people who inhabit it. Those stories can be emotional, funny, dark, exciting, and sometimes all of those things at once. The main quest may be shorter than expected when taken on its own and it’s not always clear what you need to do to make meaningful changes to its finale, but the multitude of side quests available almost from the start can have a surprisingly powerful effect on the options you have when you get there.”

PC Gamer scores it a 78, saying “Some nice characters and stories nested in an astounding open world, undercut by jarring bugs at every turn.”

Gamespot gives it a 7/10, says that “Your mileage may vary, but in our experience, the bugs are obtrusive and substantial across the board, often forcing us to reload saves or exit the game entirely. It’s hard to get really into a world you constantly have to leave. But then it’s hard to get into Cyberpunk 2077’s world in general. So much of it is superficial set dressing, and there’s so much happening all around you–ads going off at all times, gunfights breaking out in the streets, texts coming in about cars you’ll never buy–that a lot of the game feels superfluous. The side quests and the characters they showcase are the shining beacon through the neon-soaked bleakness of Night City, and they give you room to explore the best the core RPG mechanics have to offer. These are what carried me through an otherwise disappointing experience.”

Are you still hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 despite the mixed reviews? It will need a whopping 102GB space on your PlayStation so get ready for it!

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