Sucker Punch, Bend Studio, and others are sharing great crossover artwork in celebration of The Last of Us 2 launch

The Last of Us 2 has officially launched worldwide and messages have been pouring in, congratulating Naughty Dog on their hard work over the years. Some studios have taken it a step further, posting fantastic artwork that features a crossover of characters that is truly worth the look.

Sucker Punch, the studio behind upcoming Ghost of Tsushima, shared an artwork from one of their own artists, Edward Pun, congratulating Naughty Dog on the launch of the game.

The Ape Escape official Twitter account also shared a fantastic crossover artwork that features the lovable apes as infected with Ellie playing the guitar beside a bonfire. So cute!

Media Molucule, the studio behind Dreams Universe, shared a video created from the game that shows Ellie playing the guitar. Great work by Art Director Kareem Ettouney!

Bend Studio, creators of Days Gone, also shared in the celebration, with an artwork of Deek wanting to hitch a ride with Ellie. Can you imagine this team up?

Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studios also shared an artwork from Luke Berliner featuring Kratos, Atreus, Joel, Ellie, and Dina, congratulating Naughty Dog on the achievement.

Hermen Hulst (Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios) and Insomniac Games also sends congratulations on a job well done.

It’s great to see colleagues greet and respect each other over their hard work and we hope this trend of good vibes continues to future games that get launched! Ghost of Tsushima crossover, anyone?

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