God of War celebrates 2 year anniversary with new collectors items, including a limited life-size Kratos bust

God of War was truly a remarkable game. It had breathed life back into the franchise, giving it the modern facelift that it needed while introducing a whole new style of play that still puts Kratos at the core of it all.

Of course, how could we forget the chilling reveal back in 2016?

It’s been two years since release and to celebrate, new merch has been revealed and it is for fans of the game who really want to take home a piece of the God of War lore with them.

First up is a “Lore and Legends” journal in partnership with Dark Horse, which includes “expanded lore, detailed bestiary, character dossiers and so much more”. You can pre-order from THIS LINK.

Next is a poster from Lineage Studios highlighting the Valkyries that gave everyone a headache, including Sigrun herself. You’d best hurry if you want one, since pre-orders will only run from April 20 – May 20 and after the window has closed, no more posters will be produced. You can state your interest via THIS LINK and it will set you back $50 or around PHP2,500.

To top it off, and only for the most hardcore of God of War fans, is a life-size bust that stands at a whopping 25″ tall! In partnership with Gaming Heads, this limited edition run will only consist of 500 pieces and will cost $799.99 or around PHP40,000. You can pre-order via THIS LINK.

God of War fans will want to get their hands on these, so act quickly before stocks run out!

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