Here’s your first look at the official PlayStation 5 unboxing videos

Late last week, Western Media got their hands on the PlayStation 5 and with Austin Evans even showing the very first unboxing of the DualSense controller. While they were only allowed to show the box during their reveals, this time around the unboxing embargo has been lifted and we get a closer look at what the retail PlayStation 5 package will look like.

Various outfits like MKBHD, IGN, and Gamespot have already published their unboxing videos, which you can check out below.

Overall, they mostly have the same reactions – The PlayStation 5 is BIG, it’s heavy, but it actually looks better in person than what people are seeing from the various photos. The various unboxing videos show the whole unboxing, from using the stand, to checking out the camera, and even the DualSense and Pulse 3D headsets.

That’s all the media is allowed to say right now, but you can bet that they’re already testing out some of the games for the console, which we’ll probably see in the next few days or weeks leading up to launch.

Sadly, there’s no local news yet on any PlayStation 5 pre-orders or pricing, so these videos could be the closest thing we’ll be getting at the moment. Hopefully, PlayStation Asia announces something soon!

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