Microsoft files trademark for a new logo for the Series X

Logo battles is where it’s at and with the PS5 logo reveal from a while back, Microsoft have now filed a trademark for a new logo that will make its way along with the Series X when it launches later this year.

Say hello to the Xbox Series X logo:

While it still features the “X” that the console has been known for, its quite a change from it’s iconic spherical logo from way back. Compared to the PS5 logo, which literally just changed the 4 to 5, Microsoft is going for a much more simple and modern design, which fits quite well with the look of their new Xbox.

Microsoft have almost bared all of the pieces to their next generation offering and frankly, all the pieces are looking really good, from hardware to the controller and even to features such as quick resume. Apart from launch titles, pricing is probably the last bit of info that Microsoft will want to reveal as they have probably learned from their Xbox One fiasco from years back.

The Xbox Series X is still scheduled to launch in the Holiday of 2020.

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