Pokemon Unite adds supporter Blissey on August 18

Following the addition of Gardevoir to Pokemon Unite last month, Blissey is next on the list as the next Pokemon to join the fight come August 18.

Blissey is a support-type Pokemon that sounds like the perfect pick for those high-rank competitive games. Apart from being a healer, Blissey can also increase basic attack speed and dash to an ally to protect them, which makes it an important part of any lineup.


It’s not Blastoise, as many fans have been waiting for, but it’s quite nice that we’re getting another healer in the mix of Pokemon to use in the game.

No details have been given as to how much Blissey will cost, but if you play support in-game, then Blissey is sounding like a must-buy.

Pokemon Unite is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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